How to prevent war

Nuclear deterrence is not entirely binary i.e. peace or global devastation. There is a middle option of a demonstrative nuclear strike using a tactical weapon, targeted say offshore to avoid killing people. This could well prevent all-out nuclear war starting, but demonstrates a willingness to use nukes. God help us that we never get to that stage, and with strong deterrence we never will “THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF DETERRENCE!”
The moment you get weak & wobbly, that is when you think you are being peaceful, but you are actually creating the risks & circumstances in which war is more likely.
A very strong & unequivocal defense strategy for the whole of NATO (led by the US, thank God we've had the US to protect us for 65 years, we owe the US a debt of gratitude that goes beyond words, as does all of Europe) is the way to secure lasting peace.

The moment we let our guard down, then we make war more likely, not less likely.
Peace depends on a strong foreign policy by the West, not weakness.

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