How to prevent war

Nuclear deterrence is not entirely binary i.e. peace or global devastation. There is a middle option of a demonstrative nuclear strike using a tactical weapon, targeted say offshore to avoid killing people. This could well prevent all-out nuclear war starting, but demonstrates a willingness to use nukes. God help us that we never get to that stage, and with strong deterrence we never will “THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF DETERRENCE!”
The moment you get weak & wobbly, that is when you think you are being peaceful, but you are actually creating the risks & circumstances in which war is more likely.
A very strong & unequivocal defense strategy for the whole of NATO (led by the US, thank God we've had the US to protect us for 65 years, we owe the US a debt of gratitude that goes beyond words, as does all of Europe) is the way to secure lasting peace.

The moment we let our guard down, then we make war more likely, not less likely.
Peace depends on a strong foreign policy by the West, not weakness.


Effective way to reduce the global warming

A majority of CO2 in fact does not come from human activity. Fact In the whole span of human existence we have not even come close to releasing the amount of CO2 that nature has in a much shorter time spanned. CO2 is as natural as oxygen is; it is part of the natural cycle of oxygen and CO2 exchange between plants and animals. I'm not saying that there is or isn't an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. I'm saying that human activity has minimal effect on the overall CO2 in the atmosphere over time, including during the industrial revolution. And unless we can stop everyone from breathing, put a cap on all of the oceans, prevent all forest fires and volcanic activity from happening, among other things, anything we attempt to do to reduce CO2 will have minimal effect on the overall amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Random Acts of Kindness:

Catch employees doing something right
Celebrate successes always in public
Learn from group mistakes through healthy dialog - no finger pointing anytime
No good purpose is going to be served by putting your own people on the defensive all the time.
Allow them to feel great for having done a good job of it – you will only gain from it and you will not lose anything
And MOST Important – Build TRUST – without that nothing works.
Do NOT manipulate with human capital – it will never get you any results
Hold your next staff meeting in a courtyard or at a park
Take a subordinate to lunch and invite your boss
Conduct regular employee meetings sincerely
Do not talk in the air during the meetings
Have a contest and buy lunch for the winner(s)